Gripper Pad for Futon Frame

ID# 4519
Futon mattresses have a tendency to slip and move around on a frame. A Non-Slip Gripper Pad eliminates this problem. Non-Slip Gripper Pad is placed underneath the futon mattress, on the seat deck and keeps the futon mattress from moving, slipping and sagging. One size Fits All.
ManufacturerEasy Fit
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1. Guest on 5/29/2024, Said:
Simple, fit perfectly, works perfectly. The futon doesn’t slide any more!

2. Guest on 5/10/2024, Said:
I only ordered because it was pay for shipping or add an item for the same price as shipping. Mattress stays in place but probably would anyway. Not worth the money but saved shipping costs.

3. Guest on 5/8/2024, Said:
I should have gotten one of these years ago. I was skeptical but it instantly stopped the mattress from slumping, making the futon look better and feel more like a "real" couch.

4. Guest on 5/1/2024, Said:
Works pretty good

5. Guest on 2/21/2024, Said:
It does the job but it tends to hang down between slats

6. CHRISTIE KUHN on 12/12/2023, Said:
Perfect size and shape.

7. Emily De Falla on 11/9/2023, Said:
It works very well, but it is just a length of material that you buy to keep your rugs from slipping, and seems a bit pricy for what it is. But it was convenient and it works, and I appreciate it that they offered it. I use the product as intended. To keep my futon from slipping. And so far it has worked perfectly.

8. Guest on 10/17/2023, Said:
I love this stripe pattern-bight, cheery but not too much!

9. Anonymous User on 8/23/2017, Said:
This gripper works! Saves us from a futon u mattress that kept slipping down a foot!

10. Anonymous User on 1/24/2018, Said:
Just what my futon needed.

11. Anonymous User on 4/22/2018, Said:
The gripper pad is useful to keep the futon in place. I'm glad I selected it.

12. Anonymous User on 6/18/2018, Said:
The gripper pad does not hold my futon mattress in place.

13. Anonymous User on 10/23/2018, Said:

14. Anonymous User on 10/29/2018, Said:
it was overpriced for what it is

15. Anonymous User on 12/9/2018, Said:
This was huge disapointment - shown in picture as fitting to end of futon - my gripper pad was to shorten by about 10 inches --should have been made longer like picture shows???

16. Anonymous User on 5/17/2019, Said:
While this does seem to be working, it was a little short widthwise for my futon.

17. Anonymous User on 6/22/2019, Said:
Glad Zi ordered it at the same time. Saved on shipping!